It’s not rocket science, is it? Research highlighted by Executive Grapevine reports that three key reasons employees hunt for new jobs are:

  • Bad boss
  • Lack of recognition
  • Poor culture

They cite research from TinyPulse which states that employees who describe their boss as ‘bad’ are four times more likely to leave.

It reinforces the old adage that people leave bosses, not businesses.

As a coach I have long recognised that a lack of recognition is a key factor in the emergence of ‘people problems’ at work – and it’s not unusual for systemic issues to underlie these.

Raising the quality of leadership is crucial: achieve the performance by all means, but let’s treat people as fully-rounded people and create the environment in which they can really thrive. Then they are much more likely to bring their best to work.

For me it’s the leader-as-coach and coaching-the-leader-as-coach. That’s a pathway to personal and business transformation.

  • What are your experiences?
  • And what metaphor do rocket scientists use at rocket science conferences?

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