I read through an update from Executive Grapevine recently, under the heading:

“This is the WORST kind of leader, according to nearly 30,000 workers.”

It cited research conducted by Cass Business School into the qualities of managers. Bosses who scored lowest overall were those who consistently failed to get the job done. The article then talked about the ‘Peter Principle’ – that people rise in organisations until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent.

I have always found this principle troubling. It feels dismissive. Personally, I recall rising to a senior leadership role which required qualities I had yet to learn. (I prefer the word qualities to competences – we teach dogs to be competent.)

From my own experiences and from coaching many leaders, it’s a crucial time for coaching. When someone is getting to grips with a new role. For me, I was just left to get on with it. Coaching support would have helped me – and the business – a great deal. I believe it’s not that people have reached a level of incompetence, but they have qualities that require discovering and nurturing to allow them to achieve their potential.

I’m happy to discuss the value of this type of coaching here or through messages.

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